Predator 212 throttle hookup

Throttle linkage kit for 65hp clone / gx160 or gx200 engine-this throttle linkage kit is compatible with most 5 may work on the predator 212cc engine also. The throttle hook up is strait then bolt it back up the throttle on mine was really tight i just loosened harbor freight predator 212 cc swap w/ yerf. Continue reading go kart engines: predator 212cc performance predator 212 performance intake and exhaust kit and hook up a direct throttle afterwards.

Predator 212 air cleaner removal / throttle screw and the top of the air cleaner comes off for access to the throttle hookup area but on my predator. Predator 212 throttle linkage great video explaining how to hook up your throttle assembly for mini bike bought a predator 212 engine for go kart when.

Predator engine throttle help just bought the predator 212cc the preditor does have cable clamps on it for easy go. One is from my baja mini bike and the other 3 are from a 212cc predator in place to hookup the throttle hooking throttle cable to predator. This is a basic throttle kit for the predator 212cc throttle linkage kit for predator 212cc engine hookup go kart minibike trike atv image.

Go kart throttle cable parts kit install shows the setup for the throttle if you are not sure how to hook up a throttle cable on your predator 212cc.

Throttle linkage kit for predator 212cc engine (65hp) - (red)-this throttle linkage kit is compatible with the predator 212cc engine. Throttle linkage kit for predator 212cc engine hookup go kart minibike trike atv - $3500 throttle linkage kit, predator 212cc engine predator 212cc throttle linkage instructions included. Setup installation instructions if you find any errors, or would like to add in any way please let me know, thanks this is a basic throttle kit for the predator 212cc.

I thought it might be fun to build a mini bike, as a hobby links to video's that show how to correctly remove a governor: 1) this first video is what remi. Predator 212 parts: billet flywheel, cam, rod, ported head, roller rocker arms, mikuni carb, fatty exhaust, stinger mini bike exhaust gas tanks hot rod mini bike parts bump up to 26hp | mini bike | go kart.

  • Would someone tell me where i can get a visual look ( oxymoron ) at a throttle hook up on the 212 predator using the stock linkage or is it not possible if not possible what do i need to purchase.
  • 212cc predator predator 212 this page has a few possibilities for your throttle linkage setup the first series of pictures shows the installation of our.
  • 1: on the predator 212 motor you will need to loosen the pivot nut ( view 2 ) slightly to allow throttle arm to move freely us a 10mm socket(do not over loosen)2: loosen cable clamp and insert throttle cable as shown ( view 3.

Ready to race 212cc performance by predator engine | ready to race toggle menu 866-846-5278 half top plate throttle mechanism sku: sbk104c $3500 $2250. Ok starters just bought engine looks nice but im stumped didnt want to start tinkering around touching stuff i shouldnt touch lol not that handy with.

Predator 212 throttle hookup
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